Misc. Charges

Misc.  charges from SB/CA w.e.f. 01/04/2010

PARTICULARS Present charges
Inward Clearing Cheque Return Charges Rs.150/- + Service Tax
Outward Clearing Cheque Return Charges Rs.75/- + Service Tax
ECS Return Charges Rs.150/- + Service Tax
Minimum Balance Not Maintained Charges SB A/c  Rs.50/- + Service Tax
CA Rs.75/- + Service Tax
Pass Sheet Charges SB A/c  Rs.5/- + Service Tax
CA Rs.5/- + Service Tax
(If the statement repeats for same dates for CA)
Pay order/DD Cancellation Charges Rs.75/- + Service Tax
Account Closing Charges SB Rs.50/- (Before six months + Service Tax)
CA Rs.100/- (Before six months+ Service Tax)
Incidental Charges
(Half yearly charges)
SB A/c  Rs.15/-
CA Rs.25/-
Operative to Inoperative A/c Charges SB & CA Rs.100/- (Excluding service tax)
Inoperative A/c to  Operative  A/c Charges SB & CA Rs.50/-  (Excluding service tax)
Cheque Book Issue Charges SB Rs.2/- per leaf + Service Tax (After 20 leaves per annum)
CA Rs.2/- per leaf
DD/PO Revalidation Charges Rs.50/- + Service Tax

Misc Charges on Loans w.e.f. 01/04/2010

Particulars Charges
OD RENEWAL FEES (on Mortgage of Property) Min Rs.2000/- 0.25% on renewal amount
LOAN APLLICATION FEES Rs.100/- plus service tax
Annual inspection charges for property mortgaged Rs.350/- p.a. for each property mortgaged to the Bank
To obtain encumbrance certificates on behalf of the borrowers property mortgaged. Actuals to be charged to the borrower annually. In addition to Rs.150/-